Almond Pulp Key Lime Pie

Hey y’all! I have yet another amazing almond pulp recipe for those of you who don’t know what to do with your almond pulp after nut milking! DO NOT DISCARD THOSE PRECIOUS PULPS! They’re so versatile and can be used for so many different things! Today I will be sharing a recipe that uses the […]

Slow Cooker White Chili

Hi Friends!! Our crock pot has been in hiding these past few months and I’ve really only used it once before… like ever! I know, what am I, crazy?? Crock pots are so perfect when you’re constantly on the go and unable to spend a lot of time cooking. You just prep all the ingredients, […]

Almond Pulp Pancakes

Hi Friends! I finally got to use the almond pulp I saved from my homemade almond milk today! Thanks again to @rijiraja & @sweatygraceface for telling me to save the pulp after nut milking. I totally threw away the pulp from my first batch and felt so wasteful! Who knew there were so many recipes […]

Homemade Nut Milk

Hi Friends! I just made my first ever HOMEMADE NUT MILK!!! How exciting is that?! Maybe only to me because I always thought it was a difficult and tedious process, but holy cow, that was sooo easy!! I thought it could get pricey to make your own nut milks because let’s be real, nuts aren’t […]

Sweet Carrot Juice

Hi Friends! I want to share this awesome juice I’ve been making with my Breville juicer! I got it as Christmas present 2 years ago and kind of forgot about it until now. It’s been so hot so a nice cup of ice cold juice can be a super refreshing snack midday! Plus Eve just […]