Hi Friends! We are Eve & Elisa, Taiwanese American sisters born in Taiwan, raised in sunny Southern California. ☀️

We initially started this blog as a “cook book” for us to save all the great recipes we stumble upon and for us to share with our friends! Then we started adding blogposts about our lifestyle, fitness, and DIY projects.

It all started with Kayla Itsines’ #thekaylamovement in the beginning of 2016! We have been documenting our fitness journey via our Instagram since November 2015 but was not 100% committed until #thekaylamovement. We started learning how to cook and eat right, thus our blog was born! We were never great at cooking, but being in this amazing #bbgcommunity really helped pushed us to try new things and not be afraid to get out of our comfort zone! We want to share every step of our journey with you because it’s so important to keep ourselves accountable while having this support system at the same time! We are lucky to have each other, but please know that you can always find a sister in US too! We want to be your sisters! We know how hard it is to stay on track without each other so we are going to be here for you girls! This is why the BBG community is so important because it helps so many girls connect all over the world and keep each other accountable! We hope this blog makes you feel the love and support we have for each other and we hope that you’ll join us on our journey together to be #GIRLBOSSES! ✨

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