Rocksbox 💍💎

IT’S HERE IT’S HERE!!!  Our Rocksbox is here at last! We’ve been so excited to receive this in the mail and now it’s finally in our hands. Check this out. The way Rocksbox works is… Become a Shine Insider: $19 per month for unlimited designer jewelry Get 3 pieces to wear on loan: each piece […]

Banana Cinnamon Waffles 🍌

Happy Saturday! 😁 Eve here! 🙋🏼 I’ve been limping around since Wednesday after I sprained my foot hiking Runyon. BUT I woke up today feeling MUCH better and can put more weight on my right foot now! 🙌🏼 So I decided to make Elisa a WAFFLE brekkie since she’s been craving it! 👅 And because […]

DIY Macrobowl 🌽

Hey y’all! Eve and I have been wanting to make our own macrobowls inspired by the delicious vegan restaurant, Cafe Gratitude & it’s sister Mexican vegan restaurant, Gracias Madre.🌱 We finally found time to collect all the ingredients we wanted to throw together and got the job done! You can totally mix and match anything […]