Sweatheory 💧

Hello hello!

Eve and I got to check out Sweatheory this morning. 😊 Thank you Olivia (CEO of Sweatheory) for reaching out to us! We were immediately captured when Olivia explained that “Sweatheory is a holistic day spa that believes in the natural and holistic way of healing and taking care of our bodies 🌿”. We LOVE saunas because it’s such a great way to detox and sweat out all our toxins and cleanse our body of negative energy. 💦

Our appointment time was 11am this morning and we made sure we didn’t have any lotion or makeup on. We also rinsed to ensure no excess body oils were on us before entering the sauna. Upon arriving Sweatheory, we noticed a sign that pointed to a parking lot that read “Sweatheory Paking” so we didn’t have to go through the trouble of finding parking on the busy streets of Hollywood.

When we arrived, Katie, the reiki and crystal healer greeted us and gave us each a deep heat cayenne shot before heading to the sauna. 🌶🌶🌶 It was SPICY! We love spicy though so we sure didn’t mind. 😋 It was very warming to our bellies to prep us for the heat in the sauna.

She also brought out a variety of relaxing meditation CDs for us to choose from and of course we chose the sound of ocean waves! 🌊🐚

Then Katie walked us to our private infrared sauna room and showed us how to change the temperature (we left it alone as she recommended) and how to see how much time we have left. It was a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes. The sauna sesh was actually only 45 minutes but the rest of the time was so we could refresh and shower after. 🚿

It was an amazing experience sweating out all our toxins, literally DRIPPING sweat from head to toe because it was SO HOT! 🔥🔥🔥

I loved that they had filtered reverse osmosis alkaline water in sustainable glass water bottles and glasses ready for us to rehydrate during the session. 💧 It tasted so good that we chugged both bottles provided for us! 😁 One of my favorite part about the whole experience was the shower full of organic products in the end because everything smelled so herbal, fresh, and clean! 🌿

After we freshened up, we knew exactly where we had to go because LifeFood Organic was right next door and attached to Sweatheory! We’ve been dying to try their sandwiches because our Orlandian vegan friend, Sean and his buddy Tré wouldn’t stop raving about how delicious their vegan tuna sandwich and avocado sandwich were! They were so right. It was like heaven in our mouths! So so refreshing after a sweat sesh with all the cucumbers and nutty goodness! It tasted just like a tuna sandwich, possibly even better! 👅 I didn’t want it to end!

We will definitely be back soon to enjoy all the other amnemities like the crystal healing and facials! See you soon Sweatheory! ❤️

xx Elisa