Bachelorette Party planning! 👰🍾🎉

HII friends!!!

So a few weekends ago I threw my very FIRST bachelorette party in Las Vegas, NV for my bestie!!! 😁  This is my first time being a Maid of Honor and first time throwing a bachelorette party so I was freaking out a little bit! 🙈 BUT everything went well and we had a BLAST! 🙌🏼 Luckily, I had two little helpers at home- Elisa and my brother Andrew! 😜 They helped me with some crafting and DIY projects to prep for the bach! 👌🏼 I wanted to share my experience with you all so hopefully this will give you some ideas for your future bachelorette parties! 😜

I started planning this Vegas trip since the beginning of the year. I booked the hotel and entertainment around January. I started shopping for all the bachelorette party essentials around April-May, and did all my crafting in June! I wish I had started crafting back in May so I wouldn’t have been as nervous trying to do everything in June. I totally didn’t take my Eurotrip into consideration and kind of had a freak out sesh right before I was leaving America at the end of May and ordered a ton of stuff online! Luckily, everything came on time and Amazon Prime & Etsy saved the day! 👌🏼 By the time I was back from my trip, I had boxes and boxes of packages 📦📦📦 waiting for me! 😁 Here’s a list of all the things I found on Amazon!

  1. Bride to be Tiara 
  2. Bachelorette Party Mug Shot Signs with Height Backdrop and Marker: this was SO much fun to have for the weekend! 😜
  3. Flash Tats
  4. Wine Cups (for my DIY glittery cups)

Here’s a list of all the super cute Etsy goodies I found!

  1. Pineapple Welcome Bags (you can customize these bags!) from becollective
  2. The Bachelorette Sash  from WhiteRabbitsDesign
  3. Bride to Be Sash from WhiteRabbitsDesign
  4. Hangover Kit Favor Bags from CottonAndBirchCo

My welcome bags included:

  • A “KISS THE BRIDE” tank from Target and for the bride, an “I DO” tank! 👰
  • A bottle of water customized with DIY paper cut outs of pineapples 🍍 to keep everyone hydrated in that HOT Las Vegas heat! 💦💧 (pictured below)
  • Flower crowns Elisa and I found in this little shop as we were wandering the streets of Barcelona! 🌸

The hangover cure bags included:

  • Reserve to help the girls detox and recover from their hangover (loaded with antioxidants 🍇🍒 and works like magic 😜✨)
  • Bandages 🏥
  • Cotton wipes to remove make up
  • Q-Tips Cotton swabs
  • A pack of gum 💫

Here are all the DIY projects:

  1. Veil and booty veil 👰🏻: My little helper Elisa made these! (Picture shown on top) She used this tutorial she found on YouTube!
  2. I found a super easy tutorial on how to make DIY glittery party cups on pinterest! Check it out HERE! This project DOES get super glittery ✨, so make sure you have some newspaper or poster paper under so you can dispose of all the glittery easily when you’re done! 😊
  3. DRUNK IN LOVE sign! 🍾💘 I found really cute signs from ShowPonyPartyShop, and thought maybe I’d give it a go and make these myself! This is their original (DRUNK IN LOVE) and below is mine! I freehand cut out these letters so mine is not as perfect as theirs, obvi. But I think it turned out alright? And i saved $21 😜

Here are the DIY glittery cups! 🍾

I hand cut these photobooth 📷 props as well! They have a lot of printouts you can find on Etsy for different occasions! 😁 And I brought all the other random props I have accumulated from all my Halloween costumes and sorority theme parties throughout my 4 years at UCSB! 😅😂

I think my favorite part was definitely the DIY projects! Some stuff on Etsy are a little over priced and you can totally do it yourself! It’s such a fun and rewarding feeling when you DIY! Ask the other bridesmaids to help you out and make it a fun bonding day together! 😜💕

xx Eve 😘

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