Elisa’s Big 2-5

   **Photo by The Must   

At last! My birthday week is over! I’ve had too much fun not regretting the delicious food I’ve been eating , but now it’s time to detox and get back on the clean eating grind. But first- let me tell you how we celebrated!

For my actual birthday on 3/2, all I wanted was to go on a nice, wholesome hike so Eve & I chose Runyon Canyon . So glad we did because we found out it’s going to be closed from April-July! Then the real celebration came yesterday at The Must with some friends! It’s such a cute restaurant with great ambiance! ✨ I’ve only been once before for dinner, but never for brunch! Tip: you MUST get reservations because they are always busy for brunch! Every spot was reserved yesterday so thank goodness I called in for reso especially because we had such a big party. We heard great things about their brunch menu & $20 bottomless mimosas so we had to see for ourselves. There were different options when choosing mimosas- original flavor, mango sorbet, or raspberry sorbet. I personally loved all of them especially the raspberry because of the pretty color but Eve thought it was a little too sweet for her taste. The food was AMAZINGGGG- definitely not healthy, but hey, you have to enjoy & celebrate with NO REGRETS on your birthday! Eve’s birthday is next month so between now and then, we’re going to eat reallllly clean to prep for the next big celebration! Our family’s birthdays are all very close so it’s going to be celebration after celebration until our mom’s is over on July 5th! We honestly think “cheat meals” or “celebration meals” are okay in moderation because you gotta live a little! We are such foodies and find joy in something as simple as delicious food.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, feels great to be 25! Am I an adult yet?