Fitbit Local Los Angeles Launch


The much anticipated Fitbit Local LA Launch finally arrived yesterday! ⌚️ Eve and I were both Fitbit fanatics before we got our Polars so we were really excited for this event! Pre-Polar, we were sooo obsessed with meeting our Fitbit steps goal everyday and finally understood the meaning behind “slaves to Fitbit”. We would walk/run in place before bed or during the day in order to meet our 10K step goal everyday. Oh the competition was REAL! Fitbit makes it possible for you to create challenges for your friends to see who takes more steps a day, which is so much fun! Love that social aspect of Fitbit because it definitely helped motivate us more when we saw our friends active and moving. The best part was when we were training for the half marathon, Eve and I would reach goal so early in the morning if we did an early long run. We also get SUPER competitive over our Fitbit steps. When Eve went to bed, I’d sneak a few more steps in just to beat her by a little bit . The downside to our Fitbit is that we both have the Flex, which do not track HR. This fit our needs at first because all we wanted to track were steps per day. But after being exposed to the life of Polar by all of our BBG friends, we knew we needed to get our hands on one (or two) ourselves! Now that we train more seriously, we want to know how many calories we’re burning, our heart rate, and simply to be able to track exercises that aren’t merely just walking/running. We love that the Polar track various types of activities from cycling to strength training. We never got any steps out of yoga or even weight training so it wasn’t very satisfying. Okay, enough about Polar! Let me tell you about our day at the Fitbit event!

We woke up early for the Fitbit Local LA Launch on the Santa Monica Pier with more than 100 people! ☀️⛱ The first 150 was able to go home with Fitbit yoga mats so of course we arrived an hour prior to the event! Much to our surprise, the line was already wrapped around a building on the pier! Luckily we were still able to get our hands on a mat, but we ended up giving them away to people who didn’t bring their own mats since we brought our own just in case! I did get a picture of my mat before giving it away though so that’s all I needed.  It was really awesome to see the pier so empty since it was so early in the morning & crowd free! Definitely refreshing. The whole vibe at the event was refreshing because people came out of all ages, from grandparents to 3 year olds! It was such a great atmosphere for an early morning workout. We LOVED the music choices from DJ Kanoya! You can check out his blog here.

We started out with Todd McCullough’s 20 min HIIT training and ended with Elise Joan’s hip hop yoga! That was soo much fun yoga-ing to NWA! Definitely broke out in a sweat even when it started to drizzle a bit, but our sun salutations drove the rain away ! We love that Todd’s workouts are only “20 minute workouts for the busy individual”. Even though it was only 20 minutes, I could see my heart rate go way up on my Polar. Elise is such a fun yoga instructor from Equinox! She has so much energy and brings such positive vibes! We loved her yoga style and how she encourages us to EXPRESS OURSELVES thru NWA. ❤️

Would we go again next month? Most definitely! We welcome everyone to join us! ❤️ Thank you so much Fitbit Local for hosting this awesome event! Can’t wait for the next one!

***Courtesy of Getty Images for these awesome photos!