AIR- Aerial Fitness

Happy Monday friends!

We had the chance to take our first Aerial Fitness class at AIR Fit Los Angeles on Saturday! Thanks to our fellow BBG babe, Beatrice (ishape_mybody) for organizing this super fun event! 🙂 We were pretty nervous about our first aerial fitness class since we were SO sore from Kayla’s BBG 1.0 week 7 legs on Friday + our EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) training at PPC Fitness on Saturday morning. Thankfully, WE SURVIVED! Some movements were exxtra hard because our muscles were so tight, but we made it through the class! We didn’t realize how much arm strength we needed! Good thing our instructor and owner of Air Fit LA, Lindsey, got us all warmed up with floor exercises before we went up in the air! We had so much fun getting upside down and hanging around on the silk hammocks, especially SAVASANA! It felt so amazing and relaxing being all cocooned up in the silk. We didn’t want to get back out! Definitely go check out this studio if you’re ever in Beverly Grove area! Such a great workout and so much fun!

We stopped by Verve Coffee down the street from AIR Fit LA for some Juice Served Here‘s Juice Flight before class! Our faves were the Melon Bae and Cream Party! (Watermelon & Coconut!)
AIR- Aerial Fitness
Our BBG Squad!!!
Hanging around with one of the Park sisters- gracepark115!
Carolina (sweetstofit) killing it!
Our amazing instructor Lindsey demo-ing for us!
This was as graceful as I got hahah literally hanging on for my dear life!
Namastayin’ upside down!
Elle (willrun4sprinkles) getting it!!! So amazing!
Hello from the upside down!
Please excuse our newbie pose! We tried really hard to fly gracefully! 😛


We also wore our new leggings from Lilybod! We are IN LOVE!!! The material is SOOO comfortable and SOOO soft to workout in. Now we want more!! A girl can never have too many leggings heheh 😜

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


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  1. Love everything about this blog. You ladies are amazing! Thank you so much and can’t wait for many more adventures

    1. Thanks Bea!!!! <3 We love you!!! So excited for more adventures together in the future!

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