HOTKING Spicy Hot Pot

When you’re in Taiwan, you MUST try at least one spicy hot pot restaurant! 🍲🌶 If spicy food doesn’t tickle your fancy, we’ve still got the perfect spot with fantastic non-spicy broth for you too! 😁 We’ve already been to a number of them, but 朕店麻辣鍋 HOTKING Spicy Hot Pot really stuck out to us. Its unique and modern look was very appealing when we walked into the restaurant and it’s ambience was also a plus too. 👌🏼 We asked the owner why she decided to jump into such a saturated market of spicy hot pot and she said because it’s her absolute favorite, but has never been to a restaurant that has prepared everything as meticulously as she has. The broth is boiled for hours and hours until perfection and she personally taste tests every single batch to get it just right. 👍🏼 The restaurant uses high quality organic produce, from the hot pot broth to the dipping sauces. You can not only see that the meats and veggies are fresh, but you can also taste its freshness and tenderness! Everything was absolutely mouthwatering! 😋👅 You’ll have to go to experience it in person yourself! Don’t forget to order a bottle of moscato to pair with your delicious spicy hot pot! Traditional hot pot restaurants usually serve beer, but this restaurant owner decided to step out of the box and try something new. Voila! ✨ Hot pot + moscato make an excellent pair!! 🍾 Cheerio!

xo Elisa