Basecamp Pasadena

Hi Friends!

As some of you know from our Instagram, we’ve been going to Basecamp Pasadena and totally loving the community here! 😍 We first heard about Basecamp from some of our fave BBG girlfriends while we were in Taiwan so we made sure it was the first thing we checked out when we came back to the States! 

The Pasadena location is super close to where we live and in such a beautiful area with easy parking. 👌🏼 75 minute validated parking is available in the building’s underground parking garage, which is sooo important nowadays because we ain’t got time to find parking! 🚗

This studio is sooo clean and always filled with friendly staff members who are so helpful! ✨ Shoutout to Christie for always setting us on the right foot and being so understanding with our membership when I injured my shoulder! 🙏🏼 Not only is the staff nice, all the members we’ve met so far have been so amazing and motivational too! You meet people of all ages here and it’s really inspiring to see moms and grandmas and dads and grandpas working on their fitness goals too! 

I love that every Basecamp location has their own unique mural on the wall to represent themselves! Of course, Pasadena’s is the Rose Bowl! 🌹 

Before every class, there is a warm-up exercise written with chalk on the wall prepared for the class. You can do it on your own or with your gym buddy to jump start your muscles before the real killer workout begins! 

This is one of our favorite trainers, @nickandradefitness warming up before taking the Knockout class with us! But seriously, look at that form, PUSH UP GOALS!! 🙌🏼 What we really love about this studio is that we often see trainers taking the same classes as us, which is really motivating. We love that they support other trainers and really help push and encourage people to work harder during class. It’s also gratifying to know you’re doing the same exercises as the trainers! 😜 This is a great studio whether you are a novice or an expert fittie because the exercises can be easily modified to challenge your fitness level.

Check out this amazing wall you see right when you step into the studio! It has all the Basecamp studios pinned across California, which is pretty impressive with so many locations! 📍 The shirts on top of the wall are celebratory shirts to honor the 5 mile, 6 mile, 7 mile assault bike rides, or other accomplishments! 🏆 Eve got her 5 mile shirt her first time taking the class! And yeah, I haven’t earned mine yet… one day, one day!! 😅

So these are the formidable ASSAULT BIKES!!  🚲 We were SO intimidated by these things when we first came in to try out a class because we heard they were so hard! When I first hopped on, I was like hmm not too bad. I get to use my arms while I pedal, no big deal! Then after 5 minutes, my muscles were screaming and my heart was racing!! It’s still a challenge but you bet it’s a good one! 😵

The wall tells you how fast you’ll have to go throughout the class to reach a certain mile goal at the end of class. 

I think what I love most about this gym is the versatile gym equipments they have. Every class is different and every trainer is even more different so you’ll never have to worry about getting tired of doing the same thing! I LOVE TRX and wish I had it set up at home because I always get such a good workout with it! Such great use of your own body weight! 

Aside from the arms, legs, and abs focused classes, one of the most popular classes here is the Knockout class, which involves… yes, you guessed it! Our favorite BOXINGGGG!! In between assault bike rides, you’re punching the bag and powering through your 1’s and 2’s! 

So what is Basecamp?? How does a class typically look like? This TV screen tells all! You get split into groups A, B, C, or D so every group is doing something different in different stations. This a 35 minute class that switches back and forth between 60 seconds of strength training and 60 seconds of cardio! The strength training portion consists of TRX, kettle bells, weights, medicine balls, or your own body weight as many reps as you can squeeze into the 60 seconds. The cardio portion is on a “bike that fights back”. Basecamp calls them assault bikes for a reason- “The faster you pedal, the more resistance you feel”. Sounds scary right? You can do it if I can!! Afer 35 minutes, you have 10 minutes left of class to cool down, stretch, and work on your core strength to finish off your workout. I love this part because my abs are ALWAYS burning the next morning!

Thank you to the lovely staff of Basecamp Pasadena for welcoming us in with a smile on your face every time and being amazing!! 

Follow along their social media outlets for updates and daily motivation! 

xox Elisa