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Happy Tuesday! We finally got to check out Coreology Fitness Manhattan Beach this past weekend and oh man, pretty sure we’re STILL sore from the class! Check out our video recap below!

We took their new HIIT+Run combo class with half the class on the treadmill and the other half on Coreology’s very own special XFormer. This was definitely one of the more challenging classes I’ve taken!

Coreology is conveniently located in an area of Manhattan Beach where parking is a piece of cake! We were so happy it had its own lot so we didn’t have to worry about finding parking. The studio is currently undergoing a redesign so half of it has been remodeled and the other half will be coming to ya shortly with super cool IG friendly lighting as a new addition!

I started with the treadmill portion and this is the first time I tried Tabata runs, which consists of ultra-high-intensity sprints in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval. My Polar was literally in the red zone the whole time I was on the treadmill! We usually do 30 second sprints and 30 second rest when we do HIIT sprints, so this new 20/10 interval was new to us. There were times when I thought I couldn’t go any faster, but Sarah’s (owner/instructer) words definitely helped push me to go harder and add more speed!

We decided that we’re going to add more interval running/sprinting into our workout regime since we’ve never been more sore all over! Running tends to really give our abs a killer burn and we ALWAYS feel it the next day! It seriously hurts to laugh and make the slightest movements! Thank you Coreology for inspiring us to run more!

For the second half of the class, we switched places with the group that was on the XFormer for the pilates portion. There was definitely a lot of shaking and sweat dripping involved on the XFormer trying to push through and hold the positions! Elisa started on the XFormer and she said it was very challenging, but she was able to do everything on it. Since I started on the treadmill first, it was a little tougher for me on the XFormer. I’m definitely going to start with Pilates next time and run after since I know I don’t have as strong of an upper body and core as my legs!

Thanks to Pressed Juicery, Good Bites, and the Source Cafe for the delicious postworkout fuel!!! Definitely ate one too many cookies and muffins after the class but hey, it was well deserved after a tough class! 😛

THANKS again to the amazing owner, Sarah Martz, for the kicka$$ workout! We all had the BEST time sweating at Coreology! This studio was #morehardcore for sure! You guys must go check out this studio if you haven’t yet! 110% worth the drive out to Manhattan Beach! And you bet we went to the beach after to relax and enjoy the sun! MB is one of our faves!

More photos taken by our #instagrambf, @vincedjesus is up on our Facebook HERE. Be sure to tag him if you post to send him some love!

xox Eve