Biking Like We’re Kids Again with Cannondale Bikes!

Helllloooo Friends!!

It’s been quite some time since we’ve made a peep here, but I’m hopefully going to change that starting with this post in partner with Cannondale Bikes!

Growing up, we used to bike around the streets of Taiwan with our cousins in the country where my mom’s side of the family lived. One fond memory I have on a bike was when my cousin and I biked to the school across the street from our house on a Saturday morning. We spotted a litter of wild puppies and started inching toward them with curiosity. Out of nowhere, the mama dog rushed over and started barking at us. We were so scared, instead of using our bikes as our getaway vehicle, we dropped them and started running on our feet in a frenzy! My uncle had to go back to the school to pick up our bikes because we were so afraid to go back!

When our family moved to the States, our dad had prepared not only our home and bedroom for us, but he also had 2 beautiful new bikes ready for us to ride! We rode everyyy single day in our neighborhood (aka the block right in front of our house because our mom was paranoid we were going to get abducted). Going over the big rocks underneath the trees in front of our house was our favorite thing to do. The feeling of wind in our hair and making every ride an adventure is something we missed so much from our childhood!

We never realized how much we missed the feeling of freedom on our bikes until we were introduced to Cannondale Bikes! In August, we picked up two Treadwell bikes, which is their brand new lifestyle bikes, great for diversifying your training or using it to cruise around town! Mine is the green one with the basket — Treadwell EQ, and Eve’s is the orange one — Treadwell 2, which is a bit lighter than mine without the basket and fenders. It’s been a long time since we’ve ridden bikes so I’m a bit paranoid about getting my head cracked open riding on the streets so I made sure to pick up a helmet while I was in the bike shop! Picking up the bikes were SUPER easy and we went to get ours at InCycle San Dimas since Vince has a truck! They adjusted the seat to our height and made sure everything looked good and felt smooth when we test rode the new bikes.

So Vince actually got into biking first after hanging out with Saphira’s (@peanut.head) husband, Maurizio (@cyclejordan), who is suuuuper into biking. It was an event where Saph and I both brought our boys and they ended up chatting it up and getting away from the event to grab coffee. When they came back, Vince was bouncing off the walls raving about getting a bike. He started going on rides with friends and urged me to get one too. Then we were introduced to Cannondale Bikes by Saphira, who also bikes along side Maurizio. So now we are also obsessed with our bikes!!

We took our new Treadwells out for a spin in Santa Monica and rode through Venice and felt like we were reliving our childhood days going on biking adventures again! It was the best feeling ever!! These bikes are so smooth with gear shifts that help adjust to the incline of the road. Sharing a Youtube video soon from our ride out in Santa Monica! Stay tuned!! 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions at all regarding these bikes! Highly highly recommend them for their lightweight and sleek design!

xox Elisa