Hi there!


Elisa here!

FINALLY sat down and created a blog for us. We’ve always wanted to start a blog just to have something to store random pieces of our thoughts, food recipes, photography, and fitness journey. Viola! It’s finally here and we couldn’t be more excited! 🙂

First things first– a little “about me” would be nice!
We are Eve & Elisa Yen, Taiwanese American sisters, born in Taiwan, raised in sunny California! We’ve moved around quite a bit in our younger years. I was born 3 years later than Eve in Taiwan, then because of business opportunities, my dad relocated our whole family to Thailand. I was around 3 when we decided to move back to Taiwan. Our little brother, Andrew was born 6 years after me and that was when we decided to move to the States so my dad could expand his company. We said our goodbyes and off we flew to America!

And that’s the beginning of our life story. Until next time!

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