Labor Day Weekend Hike

My love for hiking started at a young age when my whole family would get together (hiking sticks and all) to trek up a mountain near us. Growing up in Arcadia, we were lucky to have been surrounded by the San Gabriel mountains. ⛰ This is something we realized we took for granted when Stephanie aka @hugsandlisses came to visit for We Run The Grove 10K back in June. She was so fascinated by the mountains surrounding our city, which was something we saw everyday and never appreciated. 🙈 Her fascination has definitely made us realize how lucky we are to be so close to these beautiful massive greens more than ever before. 💚

Fun fact: I used to be terrified of big dogs. 🐶 We went hiking one time and I was crossing a narrow path when a leash-less big dog appeared. I got so scared and jumped back, almost falling off the narrow path! 😱  Luckily my mom noticed my panic and grabbed me by the arm to pull me back to safety! 🙏🏼 Thanks mama! 😅❤️

Anyway, I decided to go on a morning hike with my boyfriend, Vince on Saturday since he’s been dying to play with his new Canon DSLR camera 📷 and I was dying to go on a nice hike! Since I was still pretty sore from our Orange Theory workout 💦 and bouldering on Friday night, we decided to just hike the trial behind his house in San Dimas. It’s called the Michael D. Antonovich Trial, which I would describe as a really nice stroll in the “forest”! 🌳🌳🌳 This was exactly what I needed since I was too sore for any huge inclines or long hikes. It was also perfect for me to bust out some yoga poses in my new super comfy and stretchy Cotton On Body leggings! 🙏🏼 Sharing some photos Vince took during our hike! You’ll see why I call it a forest! 🍃🌿  He’s just starting to play with his camera and so am I so please excuse any newbie photos we took! 😜

Tree posing in my new Cotton On Body leggings, Lululemon sports bra, and Nike Kaishi Run



Park ranger riding through the trial on her beautiful horse


Don’t be fooled by my smiling face. This was SO terrifying! If I had fallen, I would have face planted straight into the water + rocks!



I always end up with my foot in the water so I was REALLY careful this time since I  was wearing my new Nikes!
Channeling my inner Tarzan



Stretching at the end of our hike

xx Elisa

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