Whole 30: Week 3

Hi friends! YAY I’m done with week 3: day 15-21!!!

Here’s my food/mood diary for week 3! Here’s WEEK 1 and WEEK 2 if you missed it!

So I made the decision this morning to cut Whole 30 short because of sooo many reasons!

1️⃣ Our grandma is visiting from Taiwan (it’s been 8 years since she last came to the States!) and I want to be able to eat vegetarian food with her. Yes, she’s an herbivore! 🍃 Chinese vegetarian food is loaded with non-compliant Whole 30 stuff so I wouldn’t be able to eat with her on Whole 30.

2️⃣ I want my stomach to be reintroduced with non-compliant Whole 30 foods to prepare for Asia since the last time I went, I had a lot of stomach troubles. I’ll spare you the details! 🙈😅

3️⃣ I want to be able to eat and hang with friends and the bf before I leave for 2 and half months!

So I made the executive decision to cut Whole 30 ➡️ Whole 23 (a week short) starting tomorrow! Excited to see how my stomach reacts to certain foods when I reintroduce them back into my body! 😬 Wish me luck!! If you’ve done the Whole 30 before, please share your experiences POST Whole 30 with me so I can be prepared for what’s to come!! 😛

xox Elisa

Day 15: Monday 10/31/2016

Brunch: Flame Broiler- plain grilled chicken + veggies (it was so nice to be able to eat out since we went to visit our little brother in college but MY GOODNESS! It was so boooooring!! 😝)
Dinner: zucchini lasagna (I know, we’re kind of obsessed)
Mood: mmm I’m obviously not very good at this since Eve updated this on the daily! It’s already Thursday now so I honestly don’t remember how I felt!! I think good???? 😅

Day 16: Tuesday 11/1/2016

Brekkie: fried eggs + mini potatoes
Lunch: buffalo chicken wings; recipe here (I used Frank’s Red Hot since it’s Whole 30 compliant!)
Dinner: spaghetti squash chowmein 
Mood: I’m pretty sure I still felt great even after a deathly leg sesh from BBG week 11 legs! I made sure to eat before and after my workout so I didn’t feel AS sore as last week! Thanks for the reccomendation Katie (@texas_ko)!

Day 17: Wednesday 11/2/2016

Brekkie: fried eggs + spaghetti squash
Lunch: spaghetti squash chowmein & zucchini lasagna
Dinner: chicken drumsticks + butternut squash
Mood: I think my body has started to adjust to this whole 30 thing and I’m no longer feeling lethargic and weak!

Day 18: Thursday 11/3/2016

Brekkie: egg frittata
Lunch: paleo balance bowl (recipe here)
Dinner: spaghetti squash chowmein
Mood: had to watch Eve eat the Kind Snacks bars and drink the NOKA Organics protein drinks post Playlist Yoga! Saving mine for after whole 30! Still all smiles here though!! I think I’m pretty good at resisting yummy temptations- whaaat!

Day 19: Friday 11/4/2016

Brekkie: egg frittata
Lunch: Ground Turkey Plantain Nachos (recipe here)
Dinner: Paleo Tomato Basil Beef Goulash with Eggplant (recipe here)
Mood: I went over to my boyfriend’s today and if you’re Filipino, you know every Filipino family ALWAYS has something cooking up in the kitchen. It was so hard to explain to his family why I’m doing this and what I can and cannot eat! But I survived! I actually prepared a bunch of Whole 30 compliant food to bring over so I wouldn’t be left starving 😂👍🏼


Day 20: Saturday 11/5/2016
Brunch: Paleo Balance Bowl
Dinner: Boiling Crab!! Yes!! This can be done in a Whole 30 fashion! I asked for no butter and the server went to the chef to ask if the Cajun seasoning were compliant. It was still delicious without butter and probably way better for my stomach anyway! I also ate raw oysters with just lemon juice squeezed on it! I looooove Boiling Crab so I’m so glad I made it work!
Mood: VERY happy day since I went to Jo and Bianca’s Soul Cycle event then shopped a bunch at Citadel then had my favorite Boiling Crab for dinner! Ooh I also went to Target and found a hidden gem aisle full of Lara bars on sale!! I’ve never had the seasonal Pumpkin Pie flavor so I grabbed a bunch of those since they were less than $3 a box! I also got two boxes of the Gingerbread flavored bars so I can try them post Whole 30! Pretty much PURGED all the Lara bars in the clearance section!

Day 21: Sunday 11/6/2016

Brunch: Paleo Balance Bowl + Paleo Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili (recipe here) – I made my own chipotle in adobo since all the canned ones aren’t Whole 30 compliant! (recipe here) I made sure to eat A LOT because I was going to a baby shower with A TON of yummy food! From entrees to desserts… I RESISTED IT ALL!!
Dinner: Cobb salad with NO dressing + Pumpkin Pie Lara bar! The salad was pretty ick but I had no choice since we were at Complexcon and couldn’t eat any of the food trucks food!
Mood: VERY busy and fun day from the baby shower to Complexcon, where Jo walked us through the entire floor and got to see and hear so many amazing artists’ work and music. Then our good friend, Aliyah got us floor tickets to the concert! It was so amazing and we had a couple of drinks 😛 went with vodka since it’s paleo!