Whole 30: WEEK 1

Hi Friends!

Happy Sunday! We just finished the first week of Whole 30 and we are feeling pretty good today! 🙂 Day 4 and 5 were the hardest, but we made it to day 7! We knew this wouldn’t be easy and it would require LOTS of self control and meal prepping, but we are doing this with a couple of our BBG sisters so we have the BEST support system to get through these 30 days. 🙂 We decided to keep a food/mood diary for our Whole 30 journey to keep us accountable and document our struggles and non-scale victories! We also started a yensisters pinterest account to organize all the Whole 30 approved recipes! We already pinned a lot of recipes from Tiffanie (moms.can.be.fit)’s pinterest and you can also check out her blog for her amazing Whole 30 experience and more delicious recipes here.

Here’s our food/mood diary for this week! I documented this at the end of the day each day! 🙂 xox Eve

Day 1: Monday 10/17/2016

Brekkie: Egg muffins (recipe here)
Lunch: Steak & eggs
Dinner: Sweet potatoes + chicken & cuties + bananas for dessert
Mood: I started Whole 30 with my first Whole 30 nightmare! In my dream, I was hanging out with my friends and everyone was feasting and I couldn’t, so I was trying to snapchat all the food but snapchat kept shutting down. Not sure what’s more sad… not being able to eat all the food or snapchat not letting me snap all the yummy food. Anyway, despite the sad dream about food, I actually woke up feeling pretty excited for Whole 30! We were very happy with our delicious brekkie egg muffins and steak & eggs lunch, and then we got a little hangry in the afternoon when we were in meetings all day. Someone brought food to the meeting and the smell got us craving EVERYTHING. We had a break between meetings and while everyone went to eat at a restaurant, we excused ourselves and went to eat our prepped dinner in the car! #whole30life Sweet potatoes + chicken never tasted SOOO good!!!!  Another struggle for us is that you’re supposed to eat as much as you can so that it fills you up until the next meal, but for Elisa, she’s ALWAYS hungry. So not snacking is a huge struggle for her! For me, I just get really bloated when I eat too much in one sitting, so I felt super bloaty after our dinner. :X Lastly, PROTEIN SHAKES. We miss them so much!! And it’s only day 1. But, we made it!! 29 more days to go? 😛


Day 2: Tuesday 10/18/2016

Brekkie: Egg muffins & cuties
Lunch: Sweet potatoes + hard boiled eggs + chicken drumsticks & plums
Dinner: Sweet potatoes + chicken drumsticks + egg scramble with bell peppers and mushrooms & plums and cuties
Mood: I had my second Whole 30 dream last night…. and I CHEATED in my dream!! :X I dreamt that I was eating these waffles and I told myself that they were Whole 30 compliant somehow,  but Elisa started yelling at me telling me that they’re not! When my alarm clock woke me, I was freaking out and felt so guilty about eating them. And then, I realized it was just a dream. I don’t know why I keep having these dreams because so far it’s going well and we’re enjoying most of our meals! We might get sick of sweet potatoes soon so we gotta get creative and meal prep something else for the next few days!


Day 3: Wednesday 10/19/2016

Brekkie: Egg muffins + egg scramble with bell peppers and mushrooms & plums + apples
Lunch: Spaghetti squash chowmein (recipe here: I added Trader Joe’s Oraganic Shredded Green & Red Cabbage with Orange Carrots to make it more like a chowmein feel instead of basil) & Coconut Cream Pie Larabar
Dinner: Whole 30 compliant zucchini lasagna! (recipe here) The coconut kick is to die for!! SO GOOD!
Post Workout: I know we’re not supposed to snack on Whole 30 but my dad and I shared a Cashew Cookie Larabar when we finished our late night workout. 😛
Mood: We went grocery shopping today and I thought I was going to be SUPER sad seeing all the bread and not being able to buy it. But, we listed out all the things we needed and went in focused on only the things on our list. It was actually really fun to read all the ingredients to make sure whatever we were buying were whole 30 compliant. Elisa and I kept googling “Can I have ____ on whole 30?” Definitely learning more about all these hidden sugar names! Also, LARABARS are on sale at Target for only $5!!! Check out the list of Whole 30 compliant bars here. This made me SO happy!!! I know we’re not supposed to snack on Whole 30 but when I’m hungry, I get HANGRY and dizzy and MUST. EAT. FOOD!! Good thing now I have Larabar to the rescue! 😉 Overall a very happy belly day since we tried out new recipes and everything turned out so tasty! 🙂

Elisa here!! 🙋🏻 Wednesday was soo tough for me because I was SO SO SORE because I did legs on Tuesday and couldn’t drink a protein shake post workout, which I think is why I was extra sore! I was actually sore all the way up to the BBG LA meet up on Saturday! Gotta eat moar bananas! Let me know if you have any other ideas for me! 🙂



Day 4: Thursday 10/20/2016

Brekkie: Eve- Sweet potatoes (replaced English muffins) topped with fried egg + red chili flakes & apples; Elisa- zucchini lasagna
Lunch: steamed cabbage and fried eggs & tea with no sugar
Dinner: Squash topped with zucchini lasagna & Coconut Cream Pie Larabar
Mood: I felt pretty full until lunch time but Elisa got hungry pretty fast, although, she’s ALWAYS hungry. We had a lunch meeting today and it was tough to see everywhere’s delicious rice and noodle orders. We asked the restaurant to make us whole 30 compliant meals so we survived our first time eating out! We’ve been super bloated and I’m not sure why?! Hopefully this bloaty feeling goes away soon?


Day 5: Friday 10/21/2016an

Brekkie: Sweet potatoes topped with fried egg + red chili flakes & cuties
Lunch: Greek salad with zoodles (recipe here– Elisa modified this recipe and took out feta cheese to be whole 30 compliant) & Key Lime Pie Larabar
Dinner: Zucchini and squash lasagna & Apple Pie Larabar
Mood: It’s FRIDAY! Went to sleep dreaming about the breakfast I had yesterday and was so excited to wake up to make it again! It’s sooo delicious, I’m obsessed!! 😛 Elisa had her first Whole 30 nightmare last night and dreamt about eating all the non-compliant food! :X After breakfast I felt superrr bloated! I’m not sure why since I had the same brekkie yesterday morning?!? I basically was bloated all day and felt really BLAH. Does anyone else get this bloated from whole 30?! Elisa has been feeling bloated the last few days too and mine really HIT me hard today. I guess this Whole 30 timeline is pretty spot on- Day 4-5: Kill all the things! (You can read the full timeline here). It hit Elisa on day 4 and me on day 5- She was not very nice yesterday and I’ve been super grouchy all day. HELP!!!!


Day 6: Saturday 10/22/2016

Brekkie: chicken + veggie soup & Kind bar
Lunch: oxtail soup + zucchini lasagna & Apple Pie Larabar
Dinner: zucchini lasagna & chicken + veggie soup & Coconut RX Bar
Mood: It was a pretty easy smooth sailing day for me, so I will let Elisa blog about her day 😉

Elisa here 🙋🏻! Okay so today was the BBG LA meetup and I made my first oopsi here! We got there a little late so Bea was like here girls! Take your pre workout and go get set up! I downed it super fast and didn’t realize what I had done until after we stretched post workout and I thought ugh I can’t even drink the protein shake…. WAIIIIT I TOTALLY DRANK THE PRE WORKOUT!!!!!! I freaked out so much but Kristen calmed my nerves since she is on Keto and is super strict about no sugar in her diet. She said the UNICO pre workout only has less than 1 gram of sugar, plus the cup was so smal, it probably didn’t even add up to 1 serving. I thought hmmm if even Kristen said it’s ok, I should forgive myself! 😝

Saturday night, I went to Universal Horror Nights with a bunch of my sorority sisters from college. I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to drink at the Saddle Ranch bar before going into the park because I wanted to stay strong and do this completely alcohol free. But when I saw my friends, I started to get major FOMO and decided Whole 30 should be about being HAPPY, not sad! I haven’t seen my friends in years and one girl even flew down from up North so I wanted to really have fun with them. It was kind of funny because I stood at the bar with a glass of water for the longest time contemplating what I should do and kept fighting with myself in my head like nooo don’t ruin it! But I haven’t seen my friends in so long!! Do it!! Then I called Eve to consult her 😂. She was like Elisa. Just do what makes you happy! You haven’t seen them in forever! So I was like hmmm ok I’m just going to do it!!!!! Thank you Grace Park for letting us know that Tito’s and Ciroc are gluten free vodka and I don’t mind Tito’s so that was my choice! She was so right that our bodies are super sensitive to alcohol when on Whole 30 so 3 shots were enough for me! It’s funny because I was the one who was SUPER adamant about not drinking for the whole 30 days but first to give in! No regrets though because I had sooo much fun with my girlfriends!! Liquid courage always helps me walk through the creepy mazes with no fear! 😛


Day 7: Sunday 10/23/2016

Brekkie: Eve- Breakfast Pumpkin Custard (recipe here); Elisa- Pork Omelette with onion, garlic, and yellow peppers
Lunch: Eve- Zucchini lasagna & veggie soup & more pumpkin custard (actually, I’ve been eating this all day HEHEH like… little bites here and there. It’s sooo yummy I can’t stop!); Elisa- oxtail soup with cabbage, carrots, celery, and potato
Dinner: Spaghetti squash chowmein (it’s so yummy we made more today with whatever veggies we have left in our fridge!)
Mood: Happy Sunday! We made it to the end of the first week of Whole 30!!! And guess what?!? I woke up and I don’t feel bloated anymore!!!  The Whole 30 Timeline says that on Day 8-9, your pants will be tighter because,

” Your body composition is not actually changing for the worse, we assure you. The enzymes that digest your food and the millions of bacteria that live in your gut are adjusting to your new intake of meat and vegetables, and the lack of easy-access sugars… However, these adjustments can be a bit… uncomfortable. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or all three may appear as your gut starts to heal, rebalance, and process this new food effectively. “

But Elisa and I have both been super bloated by day 4-5,  so maybe it’s because our bodies are just more sensitive? Anyway, I hope the bloated feeling doesn’t come back tomorrow because I’m feeling goooood today! 🙂 Woke up and made Breakfast Pumpkin Custard that my dear friend Julie shared with me! She’s almost done with her Whole 30 and I’m soooo proud of her!! Check out her youtube channel and her instagram: julieanakim for her Whole 30 journey with meal prep ideas!  We meal prepped today and made more sweet potatoes and made another big portion of spaghetti squash chowmein! #mealprepsunday READY FOR WEEK 2!



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