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Happy Hump day!!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about protein shakes, pre-workouts, and BCAA since our event @ Sanctuary Fitness LA because Unico Nutrition was one of our major sponsors so we decided to tell you more about our faveee supplement company! ✨ Before Unico, we only took protein shakes post-workout. We never liked any other company’s pre-workout or BCAA because they either didn’t taste good or they gave us the jitters. Quite honestly, we didn’t understand the importance of pre-work & BCAA so we never gave it a chance until Unico came along at a BBG LA meet up last year and we fell in love! 💕 We tried their BCAA and protein shakes and were so shocked by how much more energy we had during the workout! ⚡️ We also met the founder, Lance, and got to talk to him a little bit about his company. It’s awesome to meet the person behind the brand and even better when you click with them and are such like minded people. We just love their motto:

Our products don’t work. You work. Our products help you get the most out of it.

There is no magical pill and don’t expect overnight transformation. We have to put in the work for their supplements to help us on our fitness journey to get to where we want to be.  The best part is that all of their flavors taste AMAZING so that was a HUGE plus for us! 😋👌🏼

You’re probably still wondering what BCAA and pre-workouts are and how they work because trust me, we didn’t know about any of these terms until recently either! Thanks Unico for educating us on how these supplements can help us get the most out of our workouts and recover faster! 🙌🏼 We’ll try to explain as simple as possible, or you can always read more on their site HERE and google all the scientific terms! 😝

Here’s a step by step of how we use Unico to ⚡️power ⚡️ through our daily workouts:

Athena Intense Pre Workout for Women for me and Athena Natural Pre Workout for Women for Elisa! I have a high tolerance for caffeine so one scoop of Intense Pre Workout is perfect for me! ✨ It usually takes about half an hour for the Pre Workout to kick in so we take it 30 minutes before our workouts. If you’re super sensitive to all things caffeine like Elisa, you should definitely start with the Natural Pre Workout first! Or, you can start with half a scoop of the Intense to test out how your body reacts. My favorite flavor for Intense is the Summer Strawberry Limeade and Elisa’s favorite Natural is the Caribbean Coconut Lime! 😋 We never used to take pre workout until we found Unico because it doesn’t make us jittery like other brands we have tried and tastes great. It gives us the perfect amount of energy to push ourselves harder and makes us work out longer and have the courage to lift heavier! 💪🏼#beastmode

Step 2: BCAA
BCAA is the abbreviation for branched-chain amino acid, which is made up of 3 essential amino acids- leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAA plays an important role in muscle and energy production and stimulates protein synthesis. We didn’t like the taste of BCAA until we tried YUMINO BCAA Endurance, Hydration, & Recovery Matrix!  We knew BCAA was good for us to help with muscle recovery, but we never took it because other brands we’ve tried tasted sooo bad and we just couldn’t stand it. Unico’s Yumino is seriously hands down, the best tasting BCAA we’ve ever had! 🙌🏼We take it during our workouts to help power us through and also post-workout to accelerate muscle recovery. Pro-tip from the founder, Lance- take it before bed to lessen the soreness in the morning! Our favorites are the Sweet Blackcherry Lemonade & the Blue Frost! ❤️ We like to have both of them and switch up the flavors every other day for our workouts!

YUMINO is scientifically proven to:

🔋 Boost Endurance and initiate Muscle Recovery

💪🏽 Keep the Body Hydrated with Electrolytes

🔥 Build lean muscle while mobilizing and burning stored body fat

Unico’s APOLLO Pure Protein Powder is seriously one of the yummiest tasting protein shakes we’ve ever had! Our favorite is the Gooey Frosted Cinnamon Roll flavor! It literally tastes like you’re eating a cinnamon roll!👅 We like to drink it with almond milk but you can mix it with soy milk or water too. Protein shakes are essential to your workout regime because it is used for the production of muscles. Solid food takes longer to digest and break down the protein to send it to the muscle so liquid protein shakes are best to take immediately following a workout for faster access to muscle building!

Apollo™ Pure Protein combines 3 ultra-premium protein sources: grass-fed whey, micellar casein, & egg albumen in a 2:2:1 ratio*

This combination of fast & slow-digesting proteins keeps your muscles happy and growing for up to seven hours*

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have more questions! We’re happy to explain more! 😊
If you want to give these products a go, head over to: and remember to use code: ⭐️ YENSISTERS ⭐️ to get 20% off your order! Enjoy!

xox Eve