Flores Lane

Hi Friends,

You might have noticed these super cute candles all over our Snapchat and Instagram and that’s because… well… we’re in LOVE!!

We first discovered Flores Lane when we were gifted one of their custom made The Spa on Rodeo (green tea + lemongrass) candles. We lit this baby up and were instantly head over heels for the crispy clean scent! We love everything from the minimalistic packaging all the way down to the soy wax itself handmade in West Hollywood.

Flores Lane asked us what our favorite scent was and curated our very own limited edition “no. 29 yen sisters” candle for us! We love Gardenia so our candle fragrance is the irresistible Black Oak + Gardenia!

The custom candle option make great party favors for special occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, or just plain awesome gifts! You can tailor the candle label with the name of the event, origin, destination (longitude + latitude), weather forecast, and fragrance.

Every city and neighborhood has its own characteristics that make up the vibe we try to replicate with our candles. Each candle is named after a different neighborhood in L.A., South Bay, New York City, and OKC, includes longitude and latitude coordinates along with the blend contained inside!

Flores Lane also offers candle making classes for those DIY lovers since it was founded on the idea of sustainable luxury.

We were tired of saving money to buy an overpriced candle we felt guilty burning. So, we made our own and we’ll teach you how to make your own too… if you’re not a DIY-er, you can count on us to make a bad ass candle for you at a low price.

Our absolute favorite part about these candles is the heart and passion behind it. Among all the soothing blends that come in black and white tubs filled with their respective black and white soy wax, is the lime green tub named “no. 25 Lyme Disease”. This candle comes with a personal story from one of the co-founders, Trish Baden, who is a Lyme Disease survivor.

The story: Co-founder Trish Baden has suffered from Lyme disease for the past six years.  During her last visit with her doctor, Trish found out she is now in remission! It has been a very long journey and while she is feeling better than ever, her body was in constant pain and discomfort for years. For her, feeling comfort in her home has been a necessity. Trish lights candles every night as soon as she walks in the door to create a relaxing environment with scents that help keep her mind and body at ease.

Our goal in creating a Lyme disease candle is not only to raise awareness but also to provide a calming presence and a sense of hope to everyone who burns it.

Proceeds of this special candle will benefit the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society that helped Trish overcome her debilitating infection. You can get your very own Lyme Disease candle here with the forecast of… wait for it… “You are never alone“. How heartwarming is that little message and detail? Definitely made me smile!

Flores Lane candles are available for purchase on their online shop here or in select stores, locator here! Be sure to tag them on Instagram @floreslane when you get your soothing candle!