The Flower Fields of Carlsbad

Hi friends!

I’ve been wanting to share this flower wonderland with you since I visited last month (I know, I super lagged on this post!) on the way to San Diego. 🌹🌼🌷🌻 The boyfriend and I were going to SD for his cousin’s bridal shower and decided to make it a day trip! He discovered The Flower Fields of Carlsbad Ranch, which was conveniently on the way to San Diego. I’ve also been dying to go to a flower field to make spring OFFICIAL so this was the perfect chance! 😁

The field was masssive and so so breathtaking I needed a moment to take everything in! ❤ We went early in the day so the parking lot wouldn’t be too full as recommend by Yelp Elites. It was filled with families, couples, and of course, bloggers! 😜 Instagram boyfriends galore!!! Mine did an ammaaaazing job with his camera and taught me a few tricks too! I wanted to learn more techniques on how to use my Nikon so this was my perfect chance since he brought his Canon along to play with too. 💁🏻‍♂️📷 Flowers are great to practice on and the sun was really in our favor for magnificent lighting! ☀️ These pictures are from me below!

These next photos are iPhone photos 📱 that a Flower Field employee took for us. She was so awesome and made it look like we were in the middle of all those flowers; it’s a trick people!! 😛 You’re not allowed to go in the flower aisles since they’re blocked off, but you go through little openings/corners to get closer to the flowers. Then it’s all angles from there baby! 😏 There was a sign by the camera lady that lets you know she’s there to take photos for you and she is damn good at her job! 👌🏼 She crouched down on her knees to get the perfect shot and we were so so happy with them! Thank you Katie!! ❤

Without further ado, here are some of Vince’s best shots I wanted to share with ya’ll! <3

Thanks to Korean dramas… ❤ sign is the new ✌🏼 sign

GO GO GO!! You won’t regret it! Unless you forget to take Claritin 😉

xx Elisa

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