BoxUnion x @yensisters

Hi Friends!

We had the pleasure of hosting a class at our favorite new boxing studio, BoxUnion in beautiful Santa Monica on Saturday, May 6, 2017. We are seriously sooo obsessed with this studio!  Truly one of a kind! We’ve never really seen or experienced this concept of “mindful boxing” and punching to the beat of the music. It’s actually a dance party every class! I’ll let BoxUnion do the explaining for me:

Think of us as BOXING REINVENTED. Designed by experts in boxing, movement, and mindfulness, our 45 minute signature class maximizes the calorie burn and mental focus of boxing, but also invites plyometrics, cardio, core work and music to the party.

Whether you are putting on gloves for the first time or have boxed for years, our intense, total-body workout sculpts and tones muscles, focuses the mind and empowers the soul.

As you arrive at your individual heavy bag station, the experience begins. You start burning calories and release stress with every punch—all while having crazy fun in this heart-pumping fusion of boxing and fitness.

Thank you to our friends, Felicia and Todd for having us and thank you to our amazing trainer, Maya for coaching this class! Special shout out goes out to our awesome sponsors Outdoor Voices, Unico Nutrition, Purely Elizabeth, Kodiak Cakes, Emmy’s Organic, Suja Juice, Schmidt’s Naturals, Core, and Muscle Up Bars! We had such a great time boxing it out with our friends and Maya REALLLLY kicked our booties hard!! So many people told us how sore they were the next day and how much they loved the new studio, its location, the ease of parking (retail parking lot for only $1.50 for 2 hours!! How amazing is that?), and most importantly, the community!

We love finding new studios with their own flavor and meeting the awesome people that come with the studios! We first found out about BoxUnion back in September of last year when we met the beautiful co-owner, Felicia at Ashley Guarrasi’s Boxing Diaries event in Malibu. She told us she was going to open a new boxing studio and we couldn’t wait for it to open! When it finally opened last month, we knew we had to check it out immediately and absolutely LOVED what we saw. The studio has a suuuper clean and crisp look with white walls and some wood accents, inspired by the Santa Monica Pier. The actual boxing room lined with bags is so well kept and the cleaning crew comes in right after a class ends and makes sure it’s top notch for the next class. The punching bags have little nets for you to store your small belongings or they have lockers outside. The bathrooms are also aaamazing and clean everytime we are there with the most refreshing smelling Malin+Goetz shampoo and body wash! It’s seriously a great incentive to sweat knowing how great you’ll smell after you hit the showers! 😉

We met the other co-owner, Todd and fell in love with him right away too! Plus his beautiful wife and adorable kids! All the employees at BoxUnion are amazing and super awesome people who we vibed with immediately. The trainers are all so badass and inspiring too! You can really feel the impeccable attention to detail the studio gives to- I don’t want to say client, but their family! It’s really such a great community and everybody feels like family! We had the honor of being the background boxers when BoxUnion was featured on KTLA5 with Elizabeth Espinosa and loved meeting all the regulars at BoxUnion. Everyone was so friendly and easy to connect with. You’ll just have to go and see for yourself! Get a glimpse of what a class looks like in that KTLA5 link if you want to see what you’re getting yourself into!

We also LOVE the boxing gloves at BoxUnion by Kali Active! So simple yet beautiful white boxing gloves! Not only are Kali Active gloves gorgeous, its founder is also a one of a kind super sweet gal, Anj. If you don’t have boxing wraps, you can buy Kali Active slip on wraps at the studio for only $5. They’re super easy to slip on if you don’t know how to wrap your hands properly with wraps (ahem Eve).

Without further ado, here are some pictures we wanted to share with ya’ll taken by my wonderful #instagramboyfriend, Vince! Thanks babe! <3 To view ALL photos from our event, check out our @yensisters Facebook page album here and we’d really appreciate it if ya’ll give us a Follow! Thanks a bunch! 🙂

xox Elisa