Wear your Intention. Wear your Will.

Wear your Intention. Wear your Will.

We fell in love with this mantra as soon as we were introduced to Will Lane. Not only is their material SO soft and comfortable during our workouts, but the story behind this collection is even more powerful.

The WILL collection is inspired by the determination, willpower, and fearlessness of 21st century women who are committed to empowering themselves and those around them from the ground up. These women persist in raising their voices and demand ownership of their own bodies, minds, and souls. This collection builds upon the energy taken to the streets and emboldens this with athletic pieces meant for physical, mental, and emotional transformation. The collection’s focused monochromatic scheme – from black to white – is a reflection and overtone of the conviction and definitive nature of this strength.

We met the founder Emily Soong recently at the Athleisure x Lifestyle Tradeshow and she is a total GIRLBOSS! She is a true embodiment of what her collection is all about. We were so inspired by her story and how she created this #GIRLBOSS brand! We love the mission behind Will Lane because it really resonates with our fitness journey and community. We are strong supporters of women sticking together and building each other up instead of breaking each other down. 👊🏼

We especially love that Emily named each piece after a female changemaker to pay homage to those who have fought and stood for women’s rights throughout time. The custom print in this collection is inspired by the artwork of Jay DeFeo (1929-1989) who was a visionary artist associated with the Beat Generation. (see print on Elisa!) We are all about women empowering women, and Will Lane definitely empowers us during our workouts as we wear it with intention. Check out their beautiful collection here! (Wear your Will with us!! Get 20% off with our code: YENSISTERS!)

Will Lane’s mission reminded us of why we started our @yensisters fitness Instagram account. To not only inspire others to live a healthy and conscious lifestyle, but most importantly, to remind ourselves and keep ourselves accountable for our actions and non-actions. We started our joint fitness Instagram account back in 2015 in order to set a foundation for us with our newfound fitness and healthy lifestyle. We were introduced to Kayla Itsines’ BBG program in 2014, but could never get ourselves to stick to it. Working out was not a lifestyle and it was not “fun” for us like it is now. We only exercised for the sole purpose of looking “skinny” for Coachella or Vegas, but merely bounced right back into our unhealthy diets and habits soon after the event was over. However, when the BBG fitness community blew up on Instagram, we were quickly influenced by many amazing, amazing women to be STRONG, not skinny!

We were so inspired by the lifestyle of “Instagram friends” whom we’ve never met in real life that we decided to sit down and create our @yensisters fitness Instagram account. It was a symbol of accountability. It was to remind us that fitness and real food was a lifestyle instead of a fad. We were quickly immersed into the #whatsonmyplate, #transformationtuesday, and #postworkoutselfie hashtags and seriously had so much fun with them! Every time we were tagged by our IG fitness besties, we were being held accountable to re-tag with healthy meals and post workout selfies! It was an excellent blend of fun, fitness, and a sense of community.

The BBG community created a sense of safe haven in the Instagram world for women around the world and for everybody to inspire and be inspired. This is the reason why we do what we do. By far the biggest takeaway from our fitness journey has been the friendship we’ve gained from such an amazing and loving community. Shout out to all the international ladies we’ve met in real life while traveling! I’m talking to you @annadohuynh, @conitabbg, @carol.nh, @mindbodyandbowl! 😉 We love meeting new people at every event we go to and we love hosting events for our friends to meet new friends. Community builders is what we like to call ourselves. Seeing everybody’s happy (and sweaty) faces in a super safe environment is what we love to see the most and it’s genuinely the most gratifying feeling ever!

Thank you Will Lane for reminding us why we do what we do! We’re so excited to see what you have in store for your next collection!

Also thank you to our little brother, Andrew, for being our amazing and patient photographer on an empty stomach! We promise we fed him after! No little brothers were harmed during this shoot. 😂

xox yensisters