Vegan Red Lentil Coconut Soup

Hi Friends! I’ve been meaning to share this scrumptious, perfect Fall recipe with you, but things have just been so crazy around here! Although I’m not vegan anymore, I still love exploring new vegan recipes and try to eat as plant based as possible M-F. The best kind of recipes are QUICK & EASY ones, […]

Almond Pulp Pancakes

Hi Friends! I finally got to use the almond pulp I saved from my homemade almond milk today! Thanks again to @rijiraja & @sweatygraceface for telling me to save the pulp after nut milking. I totally threw away the pulp from my first batch and felt so wasteful! Who knew there were so many recipes […]

Persimmon Chia Pudding

Happy Friday everyone! So my uncle gave us a bag of Fuyu Persimmons last week and I totally forgot about it until yesterday! I touched it and it was super soft and squishy, so I was scared that it has gone bad already. But I remembered my mom feeding us some VERY liquid-y/gel-y persimmons before, […]

Vegetable Soup with Quinoa

Hey y’all! Holy cow, sorry that took forever for me to post after my teaser on @yensisters Instagram! Something came up for work and we had to drop off our dad for his business trip to Mexico so now I’m finally getting to complete this post! I know it’s not winter and soupy cuddly season yet […]